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Another day on chat, another day of assholes. It wasn't JUST that day, it's everyday. People take shit so seriously it's hilarious. Tom flips out because of what he portrays as a joke of being "Gay" you don't want people to say it, don't act it. Grow up. Some stupid zalm or whatever bitch talking shit, hm. She didn't get far, stupid whore. Katie must be wanting an award with her saying "Oh why do you guys always go about antagonizing each other, I just stay here and do nothing, except joking." I was joking too. SOME of you are too fucking stupid to see it. Or are you all THAT defensive when it comes to me saying something?

Onto things that matter, which means IRL stuff. My cousins are coming over for Thanksgiving, huge ass party at my house. It's going to be awesome. What's better? I won't see any of you bastards. Lmfao.

Everyone has become so fucking gay and can't take a joke of MINE, but they sure can of others. This is pathetic. Don't want me "snipping" at things, don't say shit for me to snip. Obviously if you say something smart I'm not going to comment badly on it, but if you're acting a fool, I'll let you know it. Still the same phrase ..GET OVER IT... Everyone needs a break from the comp, "seriously."

That's all I have to fucking type.
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"Still the same phrase ..GET OVER IT..."
Try practising what you preach. I don't think anyone wants to read you bitching about chat.. Theres nothing stopping you from leaving, you're not forced to read this all. Even if you are joking, I find it to be quite pointless. I didn't want to say this, but it just annoyed me. Bye now.
You know, I talk to a lot of the same people that you do and they NEVER act that way around me. Sure, they joke. But hey..a joke's a joke and as long as it's funny to someone who at least has a smidge of humor will find it funny, then it really doesn't matter after that. Lighten up.

What? Would you like to be a dictator of chat?

If so, you have your work cut out for you. =\

Well, to some extent I agree with you, people sure have taken chat more seriously than they did a year ago, they've become in ways, obssesed, which is pretty sad/bad; however, it sort of sounds like you're exagerating it a bit more than it really is, but I don't know so. Plus, when you get away from chat and come back you see how stupid people act, I know because I left for a looong time and came back and noticed how much chat changed...for the worst. I guess that's why all the oldbies refuse to come back. -Shrugs- Maybe they just don't feel like putting up with everyone's shit coming back. Ah well, later.
Yeah.....Chat's super gay. So is everyone on chat. I left chat, and am glad I left chat. Those who still go on chat are gay and therefore belong there. And, like.....Yeah. Chat blows. Alot. If you can read this, you don't need glasses. Shit. I hate it when I get my schwartz twisted.