Rain Ocampo (rain_ocampo) wrote,
Rain Ocampo

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Yeah, I must admit, I've been bitchy lately, hyper really more than anything. PMS also, uhh.. I'm not going to apologize for my actions, because I do believe everything I've said is still true, only difference is that I believe I have been a real bitch also, which didn't help the situation out any. Thanksgiving was actually pretty shitty. All the family that was supposed to come, didn't. I went over my cousins house instead and spent Thanksgiving til today over there. We talked about alot of stuff, even online. But she didn't really want to talk about it much. It sounds like she's not going to come back at all, but then again, she did open up a bit more than she did a week ago, which is better than nothing. So there's very little hope, but little hope is better than none, hm? Anyway.. See ya.
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